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                促凝劑(Clot Activator)

                橙色(紅色)安全頭蓋指示此類采血管中添加了 0rsin 專用促凝劑 , 能為臨床檢驗快速地提供完全清 , 廣泛應用于急診生化及免疫學試驗。 Orsin 專用促凝劑均勻地涂布在整個采血管內部 , 最大 限度提高與血液的接觸面積 , 其自身不溶于血清 , 不與血細胞發生物質交換 , 對蛋白的競爭性吸附極小 , 最大限度提高血清產量 , 保證血清質量。 Orange cap tubes with orange safety caps, which indicate that there is special clot activator from Orsin in this blood collection tubes, can quickly provide complete serum with clinical laboratory, which is widely used in emergency biochemical and immunological tests. The special clot activator is evenly coated inside the whole tube for maximizing the contacting area with blood. It doesn’ t dissolve in serum and doesn’ t substance with blood cell, and has lower competitive absorption of protein, which increase the output and ensure the quality of serum in the greatest extent.


                促凝劑(Clot Activator)

                促凝劑(Clot Activator)

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